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Designer with a passion for user interactions, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, UI design & mobile apps

JLR iCommute JLR iCommute JLR iCommute JLR iCommute JLR iCommute JLR iCommute

Jaguar Land Rover iCommute App

We worked on a proposal to Jaguar Land Rover for a commuting app. I worked with one of our business analysts, one of our partners and our sales director on the concept and the Chelsea Apps Factory offer. We created a concept to rideshare to/from work for JLR employees, view routes on map, view bookings, get notifications and so forth. We won the proposal and JLR started working with us around innovation in car sharing and car owning solutions.


Waitrose iPad Apps

Chelsea Apps Factory created 3 native iPad apps for the food retailer Waitrose. The apps are Wine Scanner, Never Out of Stocks and Daily Numbers. I was part of an agile team and worked on the UX and UI design.

splashscreen product page Perfect food match in the wild
Wine Scanner

Waitrose Wine Scanner is an in-store kiosk iPad app where the customer brings a bottle of wine to it and scans the barcode. This brings up wine details, tasting note, wine specialist video, food match and user generated content. The kiosk app was launched in 7 Waitrose branches in 2014.

Noos splash screen Stock list Status update Settings screen
Never Out of Stocks

Never Out of Stocks is an internal iPad app for Waitrose staff. Branch managers and staff members log in to their Waitrose branch and while they go through product stocks in the store shelves, they update the system with the current stock status.

The responses from Waitrose were brilliant, for instance Mark Slater, branch manager at Welvyn Garden City, reviewed it with:

Have been looking at this app this morning, it is excellent! By far the best app and most user friendly app we have for Waitrose.

Daily Numbers splash screen UX metrics UX drill down Waitrose managers feedback
Daily Numbers

Daily Numbers is also an internal Waitrose app. Managing partners and branch managers log in to any Waitrose branch to view metrics on the dashboard around sales, wastage, availability and stock management. The users are able to drill down from department, section, sub section and so forth. The feedback of the app was very positive, see the attached chat with Waitrose branch managers!

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iPad design patterns, horizontal scrolling iPad design patterns, horizontal scrolling examples iPad design patterns, walkthrough iPad design patterns, walkthrough examples

Design Patterns in iPad Apps

After being part of creating a series of iPad apps at Chelsea Apps Factory I put together a compendium of iPad design patterns. Inspiration was found in iPad apps in the wild, design blogs and the Apple human interface guidelines. I created, organised and wrote this resource, which is not only useful to fellow designers but to all co-workers in the app creation.

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Recognisr Splash Recognisr Login Recognisr Feed Recognisr Nominate Recognisr Nominate Recognisr Leaderboard

Halloween Hackathon - Recognisr

We had a hackathon at Chelsea Apps Factory during Halloween 2014. We were divided into 5-6 teams and our team decided to make an app for enterprises where the user is able to give recognition to a colleague who's done some nice work. I sketched the UX quickly on pen and paper with the team and then created the UI and started to feed the developers with style and assets. Since it was during Halloween we decided to put a twist on the app and make it a Halloween edition. Our app won the hackathon with the prize of getting to make the app into a complete build.

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Major Trauma Tool Glasgow Coma Score Compromised Airway Assess anatomy of injury Paramedic decision Assess mechanism of injury

London Ambulance Service

Major Trauma Decision Tool (MTT) is a tool for paramedics to quickly asses signs of a patient's injury, so they can take appropriate actions. Since time is crucial in ambulance situations we decided to create an app that's very easy to use, with legible font sizes and easy navigation.

Bulletins App is a news board to update all London Ambulance Service NHS Trust staff with the latest news in the industry.

For Android the target devices are Google Nexus 5, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy and for iOS they are iPhone 5C, 5S, 6 and 6+.

Kantar splash screen Home page Search function Product page

Kantar Tablet App

For Kantar we created an Android Tablet app based on their existing iPad app. The app is an internal Kantar app to find subsidaries and products in various markets, sectors and expertises. The target devices are Nexus 9, Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 10. The style guidelines specifies fonts, colours, UI elements and object dimensions.

KPMG USAudit details

KPMG USAudit Tool

From August 2015 to April 2016 I led the UI design for KPMG USA APM Tool. It's the most prominent project at CAF in terms of revenue.

I created the visual elements and style guidelines for the whole tool in collaboration with KPMG Audit Senior Managers and KPMG Director User Experience KTech Mobility.

V1 was delivered in spring 2016 and below are some reactions in the pilot study with KPMG Senior Auditers.


Pactera Shanghai UX Design Team

At Pactera Shangai I led the design process with wireframes, user flows, workshops, user testing and interactive prototypes. Also worked on the UX team proposition. I collaborated daily with graphic designers and developers in the creation of UI design and builds for our various products.

Sony Bravia logo screen Wifi connection Channel programming User setting

Sony Bravia TV Installation

We redesigned the TV setup installation for Sony Bravia TV series. We created UI design and html/css/javascript prototypes for the user testing. 9 users of American, Japanese and Chinese backgrounds were interviewed and recorded while doing the TV installation. The installation was simulated on a TV set box and laptop connected to a LCD-TV in our Shanghai office.

The user testing resulted in us reducing number of steps, improving the copy and improving the graphics. We produced new UI screens and prototypes targeting and attaining Sony Japan's requirements. We designed two versions of everything, one for the Japanese ISDB-TS system and one for the American ATSC system.

Staples Chinese website

Staples in China

We ran usability testing on the Chinese Staples e-commerce website. Special attention was put on usability concerning displaying and buying products, the search function, registering and users’ sense of safety in completing a purchase. 13 participants were tested at Staples Shanghai office for around 60 minutes each.

The design was improved for the launch of Staples website in 2013, especially around the search functionality and completed purchase information. In doing so we enhanced the task completion rate, overall user satisfaction and conversion rate.


Interactive Paper

When working at Mobile Life Centre and Sodertorn University I created a design research project around supporting coordination of mobile delivery work. It's in collaboration with Ericsson Labs using the concept of their geolocation technology. The app lets 2 users communicate directly on the map around the users geographic positions by drawing and using 'drag-and-drop' objects.

The project was accepted as an Interactive Paper to the CSCW conference 2011 in Hangzhou, China. The paper is published in the proceedings of CSCW 2011, New York, USA and in the ACM Digital Library.

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Design Programs & Languages

Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Experience Design, Indesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Framer, Balsamiq, Axure, Omnigraffle, Zeplin and InVision.

UX/UI Skills

Sketches, wireframes, user research, personas, workshops, use cases, information architecture, site maps, flow charts, user journeys, typography, iconography, colour mixing, imagery, layout & composition, design patterns, style guidelines, design systems, interactive prototypes, animations, usability testing, accessibility, responsive web design, web apps, native apps, Android and iOS.